ALT F50HL Semi-structural glazing «Horizontal line» - Alutech
Semi-structural glazing ALT F50 HL «Horizontal line»

In this facade modification, a vertical or a horizontal line is outlined with the help of various massive clamping bars (oval, hemispheric or rectangular), therefore adding some horizontal or vertical volume. Along other lines the clamping bars are replaced by seam sealing or the space between the IGUs is filled up by silicon seam sealant.

Window integrated in "horizontal line" facade
Joint is filled with structural sealant
Joint is filled with gasket
Internal visible width
50 mm
External visible width (horizontal)
38 to 50 mm
External visible width (vertical)
38 mm
Glazing thickness
22–50 mm
Glass fixing method
pressure plate and clamp bar profile
Types of opening elements
integrated awning and parallel opening windows
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