System of ALT150 fastening of aluminium composite panels - Alutech

ALT150 System is a new efficient, sustainable, aesthetic and economical constructive solution for covering building facades with composite panels. The main characteristics of the composite panel are:

– High resistance to corrosion and atmospheric agents
– High degree of acoustic and thermal insulation
– Excellent mechanical properties
– Light material
– Easily bendable
– Quick assembly

ALT150 Ventilated Facade System is an external fastening system that allows a placement of the composite panel separated from the thermal insulation with a help of a supporting structure. This separation allows an easy going of air between the panel and the facade, which achieves optimal acoustic and thermal insulation as well as effective protection against atmospheric agents.

Advantages of ALT150 System for ventilated facade :

  • Save up to 30% of electricity consumption.
  • It offers excellent acoustic and thermal insulation.
  • Sustainability and energy efficiency.
  • Reduces installation times.
  • Maintenance time is reduced. It is easier to unpin a part from a bracket than to tear it off a wall.  On ventilated facades the pieces are fitted using hooks or staples and not gripping materials or adhesives.
  • The joints between the pieces that make up the exterior façade reduce the problems derived from expansion.
  • It improves a stability of the building and its useful life by reducing the expansions and contractions suffered by the materials.
  • It reduces the insulation needs in the interior achieving a greater useful surface of the house since these interior systems may require a greater thickness.
  • Aesthetic benefits since they allow the use of design and a greater range of materials and colors.
Fastening solution
Fastening solution
Fastening solution
Max. height
150 m
Seismic stability
up to 9 on Richter scale
Insulantion thickness
up to 300 mm
Minimum life period
30 years (50 years with anodizing)
Fire safety class
not flammable
Framing weight
up to 1,7 kg/m2
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