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ALT SL160 Lift and slide system

ALT SL106 Lift and slide system is intended for sliding windows and doors with thermal break,creating two, three and even six sashes with combination of fixed and sliding part. The system provides archictures and designers with broad options of huge openings design. Lift and slide doors with thermal break permit to replace fully walls, to have high rate of security, to rise up room illumination and to keep efficiently living space.
T-REX technology of window and doors manufacturing allows ALT GS106 to resist any poor weather conditions. ALT GS106 has the highest thermal characteristics, the most appropriate impermeability data and possible water drain. Modern technologies and practical experience of our specialists permitted to create a new system of high technology level. ALT GS106 is used in hotels, restraunts as well as private houses and cottages. This system is applied with continuous glazing of balconies,loggias and attic floors.

2 types of sash permits to assemble an elegant door without excess lines or a classic door with simple mounting technology:without glass bead and with glass bead.

Without glass bead
With glass bead
Kit of GIESSE hardware
Kit of GIESSE hardware
Door types with two-rail frame
Door types with three-rail frame
Acoustic proofing
up to 40 dB
Thermal insulation
Uf = 1,6 W/m2 K
Water penetration
more than 900 Pa
Safety (Antitamper mecanism)
BS EN 1627: 2011
Hardware is considered to weight
up to 200 kg
Mounting width
106 mm
Visible width
120 mm
Max infill unit thickness
30 mm
Max sash weight
200 kg
Fixation methods:
1) with glass bead
Fixation methods:
2) slotting into sash groove
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