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ALT W62 Window and door system with thermal break

ALT W62 is a multifunctional system for manufacturing windows and doors for commercial and residential buildings; translucent fenestration with numerous doors and windows at projects where facade system is inapplicable; doors and windows where other materials are inapplicable due to design or architectural requirements; different types of frame constructions with tough requirements for thermal and acoustical performance. Depth of ALT W62 series is 62 mm with 24 mm wide thermal break. Installation of glazing up to 40 mm allows to achieve great thermal and acoustic performance.

The system consists of aluminium profiles connected together with composite profiles. Series of advanced engineering solutions ensure great structural performance of the product and stability of structures it is used for.

Durable, reliable and maintenance-free products:
• progressive technology combines polyamide and aluminium profiles without impairing geometrical shape of final products;
• proved and dependable corner locks and T joints are designed to bear large and heavy infill units and work with various types
of openings;
• long life sealing materials provide high bonding strength in any weather conditions.

Different assembly solutions
There is no need in complex fabrication of the bottom door rail
Plastic adapters are used for threshold installation.
Symmetrical custom angle connector to make a turn 85° up to 240° is available
Visible profile width from 49 to 118 mm
Both swing out and swing in doors are available
Window performances (triple glazing, Ug=0,83 W/(m2 K) acc. to EN 14351-1:2006+A1:2010
Сlass 7A
Resistance to wind load
Сlass C5
Acoustic performance
36 (-2;-5) dB
Thermal transmittance
1,3 W/(m2 K)
Air permeability
Сlass 4
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