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ALT С43 Window and door system without thermal break

ALT C43 system is designed for fabrication of interior and exterior windows, doors, translucent units and privacy partitions for projects with no requirements for thermal performance:
• doors with face-mounted hinges;
• different types of windows with Eurogroove;
• translucent units and privacy partitions.

Translucent fenestration units and partitions
• translucent fenestration units with reinforced mullions for installation in openings;
• translucent glazing of balconies with sliding and casement sashes;
• partitions and entrances with integrated doors.

Available fenestration types
• fixed
• single
• double
• double with transom
• window wall

Assample solution
Great water and air proofing
Continuous glazing support
Door assample solution
Two options of threshold installation
Prevention of air infiltration through sash
Product information
Minimum visible frame width
45 mm
Minimum visible sash width
63,5 mm
Frame depth
43 mm
Glazing thickness
up to 24 mm
Glass fixing option
glass bead profiles
Sound transmission reduction
up to 33 dBA
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