ALT 100 Balcony glazing system - Alutech
ALT100 system

ALT100 system is originally designed for balcony glazing and protecting balconies and terraces from wind and rain, noise and dust. It improves acoustical conditions and contributes to comfort and coziness.
The system includes moldings for fabrication of sliding, swing and fixed glazing. All the profiles can be combined with and adjusted to each other
using corner adapters and connectors. Insect screens are available for installation together with ALT 100 system.
The system is easy to assemble and does not require expensive equipment for fabrication.

• ALT100 series offers moldings for manufacturing of sliding, casement and fixed windows;
• allows to make connection of a sliding part to a fixed or casement one from both sides,
and to a fixed part from the top and the bottom;
• corner adapter moldings make it possible to find the best solution for any project.

Sliding sash
Fixed part
Visible width Sliding sash
50 mm
Visible width Casement window
58,4 mm
Visible width Fixed part
40 mm
Mounting depth Two-track frame
60 mm
Mounting depth Three-track frame
90 mm
Mounting depth Casement and fixed
40 or 60 mm
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